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Key Features of the Energy Solutions line:

  • Strong communications bus that utilizes existing wiring
  • Ability to incorporate almost any sender on the market
  • Comparably low start-up costs
  • Easily expandable after installation
  • Includes all expansion software for future development
  • Screen building software for future development
  • Ability to use vessel existing computer

Installation and refits of yacht fire, monitoring, and security systems

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The Siren Marine MTC is ushering in the future of the Connected Boat™. Now offering a brand new easy-to-use app, global 3G connectivity, the choice of wired and wireless sensors, and more inputs than ever before, the MTC is the most versatile and reliable system on the market.

Monitor bilge level, high water, temperature, and engine to make sure systems are functioning properly
Track GPS position and set geo-fences to know where your boat is at all times
Control your lights, A/C, and countless other systems from anywhere
Secure your boat by connecting to entry alarms and motion sensors

The CompactRIO platform features highly integrated software, a range of performance and form factor options, and extensive I/O to reduce risk, boost system performance, and simplify the design of advanced embedded control and monitoring systems. NI has invested thousands of person-years in this proven, validated, certified, and rugged hardware and software platform that tens of thousands of customers have deployed. With industry certifications and wide-temperature range, thermal, EMC/ESD, and shock and vibration testing, the rugged CompactRIO platform helps you to deploy reliable systems that last. Plus, benefit from a wide-range of services, outstanding customer support, and the industry’s most extensive ecosystem.

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Pulsor Stress Sensors
Stress sensors enable home automation installers to create automated lighting systems in homes, galleries, museums, and other businesses.  Stress sensors are invisible.  They mount on the beams under the floor boards and respond to minute flexes in the flooring.  Placed in strategic locations around a room, stress sensors not only detect when a person enters a room, they are also sensitive enough to detect a person shifting position while sitting in a chair.

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