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Installation and refits of yacht fire, monitoring, and security systems

​Maritron, Inc. has been designing custom security solutions for marine vessels for over 25 years. No matter what size vessel you are looking to secure, we can work with you in designing an integrated system that best suits your budget and security needs. In the marine security industry, many companies go overboard with their security systems. At Maritron, Inc. we believe rather in utilizing proper and well planned execution of our system installations. This eliminates the excess costs of equipment that ultimately ends up becoming unnecessary. The result is an effective and efficient security system that won’t break the bank. Maritron, Inc. designs all of our security systems to allow for easy access to guests and crew without creating a lapse in security protection.

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Refit and Installation of :

Maritron, Inc. has over 25 years of experience designing and installing custom fire detection solutions for marine applications. Fire is the number one cause of damage to private and commercial vessels and costs boat owners hundreds of millions of dollars annually in repairs. Make sure your vessel is properly protected against the dangers of a fire. 

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